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It's hard to find people who go above and beyond for their clients these days. If you're looking for someone you can trust to have YOUR best interest as her top priority, look no further than Wendy!  She's a one of a kind person who's got YOUR back from start to finish. The bail bond process is quite possibly the most important time to make sure you find the right person to assist you. I highly recommend the Bail Bond Woman!

Stacia W.************Yelp Review

Wendy is exceptional at what she does. Her experience and expertise in the field really alleviated my nerve racking levels of concern and stress, and the fact that she is mobile makes her service so much more personal and convenient.  Wendy helped during a terrible mixup. She rushed to Las Colinas Women's Detention Facility and waited there for several hours, keeping my girlfriend, families and me calm and mediating the whole time though we were in different locations. She then had her client released with bail as soon as her name registered into the system (record time was what the bailiff called it.) 

In a delicate and urgent situation, Wendy exceeded expectations. 

Roja L.**************Yelp Review​

At midnight on a Holiday Weekend a family member let me know we had two young family members on their way to jail for the first time ever. I found Bail Bond Woman by searching the web. I called and Wendy answered the phone at past midnight on a Holiday Weekend. The service and guidance she provided was a blessing. Wendy made sure my family members were released by 8am which was a great relief to everyone. Wendy guided me with contact information on how to get the car immediately out of impound saving me hundreds of additional dollars.  Wendy knew what needed to be handled and helped me take those steps in a seamless way.  I recommend Wendy with the highest recommendation possible. Calling Wendy is the first step to regaining your peace of mind and returning to a safe space.  Wendy is calm, kind expert, dedicated to providing extraordinary exceptional service. Call Wendy if you want to solve your emergency situation and receive incredible help with every detailed step in the process of recovering from chaos. I never recommend anyone because of the implied liability. Wendy treated me like I am her best friend or a family member in a crisis. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Wendy to ANYONE NEEDING A BAIL BOND! Wendy is definitely an answer to prayer.  

Vivien Lee-David*******Google Review

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! I am forever grateful for you. I called for a quote on a bail bond I thought I needed. After about 12 calls to other bail bondsman who did nothing but make me feel scared, helpless and in debt that I didn't even have yet, we found Bail Bond Woman. I am honestly so overwhelmed with joy, comfort and optimism since the very first call I had with her. She gave me advice that without it I would have spent a generous amount of time in jail. Instead I followed her directions. I did NO Jail Time and I gained a sense of confidence I didn't have before. She was there for me the whole time.  She picked up her phone if she missed the call.  She was already calling me back from the other line. She was so incredibly knowledgeable and caring. I felt so safe knowing I had her on my side. She is my guardian angel. She was like a mom should be. She was friend, a fighter, a teacher, a bad ass and above all she was a hero. I don't have family here and I feel very scared and alone. For the first time in my life I felt safe. I felt like no matter what she is going to fight for me and I don't know why. Thank you.  I wish you are able to continue to bless others like you did for me for a long time to come.  You are a boss la jefe hermosa. So grateful for people like you.

Brittany E. *******Yelp Review

Unfortunately, my daughter was arrested for a DUI and I was in the need of a bail bondsman. Without knowing anything about using a bondsman, I found Bail Bond Woman via Yelp. After reading all of her 5-star reviews, I decided to take the chance and call her. My call to Wendy was one of the best decisions I've made in a while! She walked me through the process of posting bail and gave me an understanding of the court system that definitely put my mind at ease. I found Wendy to be forthright, honest and extremely competent! Hopefully, I will never have to talk to her again! But it's nice to know, if need be, she is a phone call away! Thank you Wendy!  

Michael S.*****Yelp Review

I was stuck in a very difficult situation and I didn't want to deal with some big bail bond company. Wendy was incredible. She gave me fantastic advice which actually kept me out of jail. She was great throughout what was an embarrassing and delicate time. I found her to be caring and was always looking out for me and my case in an empathetic way. If you're ever in trouble don't hesitate to call her. She is the one you want looking out for you.

Justin A. *****Yelp Review​

The Bail Bond Woman is top notch. Her professional attitude and attentiveness at 2am was the exact fix I needed to get out of the jail fast. She was kind in explaining all processes and provided courteous service to my family. I would urge anyone in this predicament to use The Bail Bond Woman as a first choice. Jessica D.*****Yelp Review

Wendy is amazing! My sister needed help getting out of jail and since this was something new for all of us to deal with it was stressful. I knew right away Wendy was who I wanted to help us. Wendy is very easy to talk to, very informative and goes above and beyond with explaining everything to make the process go as smooth as possible. Thank you Wendy for everything!Nancy B.*****Yelp Review